Primorsky bölgesindeki bahisçiler

Primorsky bölgesindeki bahisçiler 25’den fazla futbol bahis stratejisi. Köpeltmek ýeri maşynlary mugt oýnaýar. Spor bahislerinde kumar bağımlılığı.

Futbol bugünün premier ligi için tahmin. Bahis ligi nasıl emekli olunur. Futbol bahisleri final Primorsky bölgesindeki bahisçiler kupası. Bahisçiler için ücretsiz tahminler. En yeni slot makinelerini oyna. Bahis bahisleri için uygulamayı Primorsky bölgesindeki bahisçiler.

Bir Rus spor bahis sitesinde bahis yapmak için hızlı rehber

Insanlar slot makinelerini nasıl oynar. Ccd-de kazino nädip oýnamaly..

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  1. Rayne

    Surprising quite expensive

    1. Elena Plescan

      It can be)

  2. John Toth

    Does Ukraine have lactose free milk?

    1. Elena Plescan

      Yes, they have it in most stores. Either lactose free cow milk or vegetable milk

  3. Ramon Castro

    Excellent video and everything was explained so well. Thanks ! I have visited Ukraine 8 times.

    1. Elena Plescan

      Glad you liked it!

  4. Elena Plescan

    How cheap are groceries in Ukraine if youre on a budget? If youre new to my channel please SUBSCRIBE ​​ for new expat content every week.
    Instagram ↠ ​

  5. Real Life with Kids

    A note on the avocado pricing/weight. 100 grams is about 3.5 ounces for those not familiar with the conversions.

  6. ZXLele

    Its kind of similar to Indonesia price (I live in Jakarta) but Odessa is slightly cheaper, according to eggs and milk comparison.
    Eggs : +/- 24,000 idr /kg (around 15 eggs)
    Full Cream Milk : +/- 18,000 idr/ 1 Liter

    1. Elena Plescan

      So interesting, thank you for sharing.

  7. Beyond Appalachian

    Very good 😊 thanks for the translation to USD

    1. Elena Plescan

      Youre welcome 😊

  8. iakona23

    The prices in general seem to be 33-50% of what you would pay in the USA. The price of eggs is pretty comparable though.

  9. Alexandru Florea

    Elena, have you tried ordering food through services like Glovo? How developed is the given theme in Ukraine?

    1. Elena Plescan

      Oh, they are really convenient, especially during covid. Helping the small restaurants stay opened and do business. The only drawback with Glovo is that they deliver within a small radius.

  10. She’s into Malakas Dino

    Can you tell me if I can travel to Ukraine

    1. She’s into Malakas Dino

      @Elena Plescan Are the restaurants open? Are the hotels open? Does the train still run?

    2. Elena Plescan

      Ukraine is in quarantine right now.

  11. iakona23

    Really nice video. Thank you. I like your voice and communication style and personality.

    1. Elena Plescan

      Wow, thank you!

  12. Patricia Mary

    The secrete of the future is hidden in your daily routine. Crypto and fx are the future.

  13. Real Life with Kids

    Hi Elena. Thank you for another video on food shopping, I am obsessed with them, sounds like a disease, haha. Is Kefir available in different flavors or is it just plain, original? We only have one company that sells it here in the US and I love it but 1 liter cost $3. Yikes!

    1. Elena Plescan

      I don’t know of kefir being available with different flavors, but you can mix it with frozen fruits in the blender. Plus, it’s a great base for any smoothie

  14. clive stephens

    Really well put togather thank you

    1. Elena Plescan

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  15. Decem_Unos Quattro

    Wow Vodka is so cheap there. I pay $38~$42 AUD for 700ml Standard Russian Vodka. Thats like $8.30AUD here for that bottle of vodka in your hand. SORRY that 1 litre bottle. 😔

    1. Elena Plescan

      @Decem_Unos Quattro if you call mountains, sea, beautiful cities and Chernobyl – risque, then yes

    2. Decem_Unos Quattro

      @Elena Plescan What I mean is are you alluding to some a little more – how shall I say it risqué Elena ? 😂 🤪

    3. Elena Plescan

      @Decem_Unos Quattro Serious about the fact that cheap price of vodka is not the only reason to come to Ukraine? Yes)

    4. Decem_Unos Quattro

      @Elena Plescan Are you serious right now? 😳😀

    5. Elena Plescan

      Come to Ukraine! Not only for vodka)

  16. Oblique

    i could live there

    1. Elena Plescan

      Nice, you should

  17. Tania BB

    These videos are so interesting istg. Could u make a video talking about what is happening right now in Ukraine (conflicts, politics, etc.) It took me a couple months of studying Ukrainian to find out that a huge part of the country is actually Russian speakers and to this day I learn new things about Ukraine every single day. A video with from your perspective as someone who lives there would be so informative. Thanks 😊

    1. Elena Plescan

      I will think about it)

  18. Randolph Williams

    Hi Elena – thank you so much for making and posting the video – still need to watch it, but just wanted to comment so long and say дуже дякую! Спасибі 🌻. Have a nice week! Stay healthy and safe.

    1. Elena Plescan

      Thank you!

    2. Randolph Williams

      будь-ласка 🙌🏻

  19. Erin Dagle

    Do you know if they sell egg whites?

    1. Elena Plescan

      No, I havent seen this product in the ATB store.

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