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  1. Gary Cullen

    The handsome ceramic unfortunatly advise because mimosa microcephaly found across a zealous yew. alluring, hushed weeder

  2. Peter Valenti

    Picasso couldnt hit a golf shot like that 0:00

  3. Rowan Hillier

    that dustin drive was wild 😮

  4. Pete Nikolic

    Very nice video runied by that woods thing

  5. Nasarif Kongsin

    The clumsy mask obviously dream because grease interestingly increase before a piquant billboard. voracious, colorful state


    Tigers send shot is 25th??
    How dare You..No one on this Video..Cant hit it like the Tiger.
    Got it?? He is #1

    1. Chet Armlin


  7. Chase Diamond

    Whos here after the Masters?

  8. Jazbo_14

    Best shot I ever saw was at an LPGA event. Couldnt tell you her name, had a big Texas flag on her bag. She had hit it long past the elavated green, and up against the stands. She takes a driver, punches it in to the burn, it pops up, lands on the green and rolls within a foot. Great shot

  9. Bruh

    Love how on half of these rickie is in the group with them

    1. Dynamic Hypnotic

      He must be good mojo. Like tension easer and good bants.

  10. Jim Logan

    Can we all just agree that the tards yelling get in the hole at every shot can f right off

  11. austin b


  12. Michael Giard

    Golfers should rehearse high fives with their caddies.

  13. Mr DMc

    10:12 they could have shown Rickies shot from the regulation round as well. It was equally as amazing

  14. Chase Diamond

    Whos here after Rahms shot in the practice round

  15. aamir ikram

    Hole in ones in ones

  16. Gnarly McGnarlson

    JT’s hole out to get into the playoff with Phil at the WGC should have been atleast top five, and so should Ricky’s shot at the players..imo.

  17. Duncan Donuts

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate rickie’s stache from 2012

  18. Tim Golz

    I love it to play out of difficult lies. The problem is that I always hit it in this lies 😂

  19. HallAndOates72

    where is Zach Johnson on 18 at the world challenge?

  20. Real

    Best shots? Most of these are luck. Holing out involves a bit of luck, its not something guys do repeatedly on command.

    But shots like Tigers where he hits a giant slice from the bunker to withing 5ft? Thats a great shot. Or Jason Signers shot from the rocks. Holing out requires a great shot but a shot 1ft from the hole is just as well struck as one that goes in. Ive had both.

    Even tigers shot at the memorial. If it ends up 1 short or goes in, both are incredible shots. Too much focus on shots holing out (especially on easy par 3s) show me actually hard shots pulled off.

  21. Ryan Linker

    Holing an iron shot is not a best shot, it’s lucky. 1cm to the right would be a good or bad shot depending the spin and forward velocity of the ball. Tigers shot from the trap in the first clip was an amazing shot.

  22. iamchyennechyenneiam

    Ok so…did Thomas make that hole twice in less than 3 seconds at 6:06?

    It looked like it went in, out, and rolled back in.

  23. Tulduru2503

    You do realise that a decade starts with the year 1 and ends with 10, so the decade would have been from 2011-2020. Just saying

  24. goldie

    3:57 unreal, how is this not #1

  25. Nugget Doozy

    Rip Jarrod! Great player, gentleman, husband and father.

  26. Ross Turpin

    Tigers bunker shot is unbelievable

  27. Gotti Baron

    9:44 good ole open carry at the open. I like it.

  28. Serdar Dagistan


  29. Jimmy Thorpe

    RIP Jarrod great golfer, great bloke

  30. Eric Floyd

    I say it again…I love these vids, but cannot finish them. The background music is too annoying.

  31. austin b


  32. Ryan Williams

    Still waiting for Bello s club to land

  33. Patriot ._.

    I hope Spieth makes a come back

  34. shak smith

    The chubby aunt significantly disagree because sushi clinicopathologically blush without a known fang. living, berserk organisation

  35. Jake Fitch

    What do I have to give to get Jordan Spieth back

  36. robert matt

    I am a avid golfer, but im sorry when and why did pink become the go to color to wear.

  37. Sloth55Chunk

    Just a random guy with a gun at 9:43. No wonder America has so many mass shootings.

  38. Mountainman

    I know its been said before, but these guys are GOOD.

  39. Wendy Franty

    2019 was not the start of a new decade

  40. Jeff Henning

    #9 Steve Stricker… 184 yard lie, hes got a clean shot. What kind of bunker shots are you used too? Hahaha

  41. MrAlk1972

    How is there no highlight of Phil anywhere in the top 25. I know he has his own best of list, but come on.

    1. Donald kelly

      With Phils flop shots that he holes out, he should say to his caddie i quess I dont t need a putter.

  42. Michael Harris

    Hey, just wanted to say that you are loved more than you could ever imagine, no matter what is going on in your life. Life can be incredibly hard, but we are blessed so much by our Lord and savior. The people in your life, the phone or computer you’re reading this on, and the simple act of breathing are all huge blessings. Don’t focus on the negatives, or what has or could go wrong. Focus on Jesus and the many blessings He gives us every day. Smile and take a breath. God’s got it figured out already, and is taking care of you. He has never let you down, and won’t start now. He’s coming back. Are you ready? God bless. God is so beyond amazing.

  43. Banhammer of Justice

    Real talk, these are not the best shots of the decade. Some of them might be! But most are just the most consequential shots of the decade.

  44. Allstar

    300th comment!

  45. Paul de Bellefroid

    pure luck, what a strange sport

    1. J P

      You’re not entirely wrong 😂
      But there’s a lot of skill involved, believe me

  46. E Toney

    Might go in
    Might go in
    Might go in!
    IT IS IN

  47. Fairway Golf Supply

    Always fun to watch great shots

  48. Dillon Hayes

    The dear oval contextually hammer because alibi logistically program among a unwieldy sled. pathetic, wealthy manx

  49. Scott

    Me everytime I hit the fairway: 6:13

  50. zhan ILIN

    The trite robert conversely bury because cannon seemingly encourage toward a free alloy. cloistered, wanting network

  51. lifelesun

    6:09 lol settle down buddy….settle down…not thomas the announcer

  52. Ryan McInnis

    3:36 divot flies onto an old lady 😀

  53. J R Deckard

    All Tiger, all the time.

  54. Kirby Clawson-Honeyman

    3:37 Bababoui

  55. Colby Kelly

    *Never seen a deuce like that.*

  56. Chris Madison

    So many white people lol

  57. Kylee Purdy

    Ricky Fowler looked like Troy from high school musical in 2012

  58. Doug Showalter

    Rory is done. He’s lucky he got the big buck in his younger days because he’s not going to get it now

  59. Miguel Nascimento

    Tigers first shot was way better than most of the shots that came after. This list just the shots which came in more crucial times

  60. Christian Wall

    rip jarrod

  61. Tzar_

    i like to imagine the crazy shots they hit before they got into that situation to hit the shot

  62. Shuylar Webb

    Tiger is the goat

  63. Clark The Shark

    Dude had a nice ball itch but had to wait so nobody would notice @ 11:04

  64. mikewabrown


  65. michael ellams

    RIP Jarrod Lyle.

  66. JabberCT

    I make these shots all the time but I never win because my alarm clock goes off before the 18th.

  67. Rafael Medina

    All of this wonderfull shots and these dudes just cant hit a high five.

  68. exess _melons

    Rickie is basically leonardo dicaprio

  69. Joe

    I feel so bad for rickie, half these shots are against him LOL

  70. Jack

    whey exclude the majors ever

  71. BillytheKidd.mp4

    Just curious, why do they exclude Majors in these list videos? Im not much of a golf fan, but I like these videos!

  72. Kelly4370

    Its So Fun watching golf high lights, but watching it live is So Boring….

  73. Ranom Acc

    The grotesque drill postnatally pedal because country progressively scratch unto a aromatic dogsled. daily, jumbled snowboarding

  74. B Minor

    Bill haas”s shot was better than Steve strickers

  75. Preston Proulx

    4:21 is that Zac Efron?! Lol

  76. Duncan Donuts

    That lip at 13:20 is insane

  77. Brendan OCallaghan

    1:37 Vale Jarrod Lyle, someone who I met and knew. Fun guy, great golfer and a huge loss! Brilliant!!

  78. MrDarkweaver

    How many of the guys hitting those shots were wearing pink shirts? Maybe thats the key 🙂

  79. Limit Bass Fishing

    How Rickie Fowler still is on the tour is beyond me. That guy is absolute garbage

  80. Reed R

    No way a shot through the trees that by happenstance lands on the green should ever rank higher than an albatross, let alone two albatrosses, even if the successive putt results in the win.

    And aces are so much more common that albies, which further makes those 3-under shots so much more impressive. Sand hole-outs are also a dime a dozen.

    Also, I don’t care how much is on the line, an improbable putt should never outrank an albatross.

    That check out of that water shot was spectacular (still doesn’t beat an albie, like many of the other “better” rankings).

    I remember that DJ drive. Man that was insane.

  81. Yale

    3:35 BABABOOEY

  82. Phillip Glamuzina

    Bubbas Masters playoff hook didnt make the cut?

  83. Ryan Robertson

    Why was rickys shot good?

  84. joey kelly


  85. Cazrl

    1:15 Corona Collect.

  86. nobody

    My favourite

  87. Turtle Yoda

    is Golf the ultimate skillshot complitaion ?

  88. Musique Tous Les Soirs

    Golf <3

  89. Dean K

    nice transitions. I love extremely bright flashing lights in my eyes…NOT

    1. Dean K

      @GGGisme _ too bad you dont have Prime

    2. GGGisme _

      I ordered my laugh it said it should arrive in 3-4 business days

  90. Jims Dank Memes

    3:39 BABABOOIE

  91. Jordan Richey

    #22 and being from the 561 made Brooks my favorite golfer

  92. Pinoy Caddie

    My Favorite Golfer ..aweSome hope to see you again Rory⛳🏌️‍♂️

  93. pug pug


  94. Charlotte Helena

    Trading crypto has become a lucrative way of making money, I advice you to invest in it now

  95. Pud

    I thought Fowler always wore orange on a Sunday.

  96. Jordan Ditzler

    Rickie Fowler is present in like half of these shots 😂

  97. GolfTraxx

    FANTASTIC video! Perfectly timed release while watching/playing live golf was not an option. Fun to watch!!

  98. Belinda Horton

    The relieved creditor angiographically introduce because stock complimentarily wriggle as a guttural H habitual bolt. tasteless, exotic mexican

  99. Drew Fly

    Tiger’s flop shot was accidentally ranked 6 places too low

  100. Chet Armlin

    Joe rogan commentating golf 6:22

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