Pamm hesabı bahisçiliği

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  1. Radhin Afras

    Fake bro 2nd. Acc with different acc

  2. Parth Rathod


  3. Izzan


  4. Łëø Mëššî

    What is this sound title?

  5. M-sizzle

    2020 I’m not so sure but very cool technique 👍👍

  6. Anisur Rahman

    #2P29JQGJ8( my clan tag)

  7. R.G. Gobal

    I think it is fake.

  8. Milkon Toast772

    It is cap

  9. malti sharma

    Bro ya gem process ak he bar karni padagi ya baar baar

  10. Rayhay Yt

    I just came for the dope music

  11. Teyo Sinclair

    Thanks man your better then the other YouTubers

  12. social padhai

    Thank bro for this I also saw this

  13. Huy Lưu

    It totally works thanks man 👍👍👍👍


    Di maintindihan

  15. Aarav Bansal Xyz


  16. Tejss Mankar

    Doesnt work in mine one 😫😫😫😫😫

  17. Riyad Aslam

    0:14 *”this is the thing u need.” **GEMX.BUZZ** ”Am I right?”* 垃圾。Lord

    1. john david

      Are u spamming?

  18. Bebeetmaternite

    In my view the real one is
    I used it today

  19. Saleh Mohsen

    lol this is such bs

  20. Pork chop Plays

    Do we have to do that process for every new gem box?

    1. Justin Baez

      No because he showed the first gem box on one base and the second one was on a different on in a totally different clan 🤷🏾‍♂️ clickbait

  21. KS• zιмx

    Big thumbs up for you!!!!

  22. Nahom Meheret

    0:18 *”this is the thing u need.” **GEMX.BUZZ** ”Am I right?”* 垃圾。Lord

  23. Elena Trenton


    垃圾 –LORD

  24. pvrebdorj dorjnaym

    Haha hhahaha i laughd so hard this guy has 0 iq yo dum ass you forgot the 2 base is different

  25. ramakrishnan kannan

    He is cheating!

  26. Fe Aguirre

    Cool 😮😮😮

  27. Marcus Eusebio

    some how i got 3 super gem box 3000 in just 1 day

  28. Exotick Designs


  29. Juliana Veum Veum

    In case anybody want to GEMs for accoun.t , you could try out on this ▶️
    I check and It succ_eed




    1. Nguyễn Anh Thơ

      thank you very much

    2. Nguyễn An Di

      haha it work, thank you

    3. Nguyễn Anh Thư


  30. erkaberra

    0:18 *”this is the thing u need.” **GEMX.BUZZ** ”Am I right?”* 垃圾。Lord

  31. [KLT17] Skunky1718

    Dang in a day u changed clans and rearranged your base you must have hella time 💀💀

  32. Debargha Mazumdar

    This all mad videors dont work only fake

  33. Jaroslav Bartoš

    0:18 *”this is the thing u need.” **GEMX.BUZZ** ”Am I right?”* 垃圾。Lord

  34. Prateek Maliwal

    ohhhh my god guys this hack is really working !!!!
    what happens with me is Before a week i got gem box and i removewith this trick then i got gem box next to four days after so i have removed day before yesterday at night and what i got is i got today a gem box again !!!!
    If this work all time then i will get my last fifth builder and i will be able to get hero skin hurray !


    Wow I will try

  36. sami

    0:15 Happy to get 1200 *GEMS* from *GEMX.BUZZ*

  37. bogz tv

    hahahaha.. dakong binuang

    1. ZachPlayz


  38. Prince Mukwavi

    I see.This guy is smart, he switched accounts/villages.He thinks hes funny

    1. Veptun


    2. Prince Mukwavi

      @Leandro Zeke send the link.

  39. Rakesh Pathak

    Bro this works but u cheated those are two different bases

  40. JAY

    There is no shit tricks like this

  41. Kendal Myers

    I can confirm that this does work. I thought I would get one everyday but I actually didnt. It took about 3 to 4 days for me to get one, which is a whole lot faster than it used to be. It may be different for other people I dont know. But I can assure you that it does work. Just follow the steps in the video.

  42. Bode Gerwolds

    yo hello star its me undertake

  43. seasame seed

    will I get banned for that?


    Another click bait

  45. legendboy

    I let too test or work in 2021 work too get feel gems

  46. Izmath Ahmed

    Hes right

  47. Shounik

    Wtf this trick is not working

  48. Roked1978 Larry

    I recommend this:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.

    1. itzjustcyclops ph.

      Are you sure about this because this may be a scam, so, my question is, what should you do in that link to get free gems

  49. Juan Larios

    Happy to get 2500 *GEMS* from *GEMX.BUZZ*

  50. Malik Bahari


  51. Monique

    Im weird but
    The builders axe syncs with the song lol


      Its a hammer dude

  52. Sadhana Roy

    really it works thanks starlord gaming

  53. Норман Гълъбов

    0:19 Happy to get 80 *GEMS* from *GEMX.BUZZ*

  54. Kristen Xzavier

    I recommend this:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.

    1. Zack Chanda

      F**k you

    2. Rohit Chandru

      @TyTan Warrior Okay

    3. TyTan Warrior

      rohit chandru they’re all bots

    4. Rohit Chandru

      @ಥ_ಥ RE4L1TY okay

    5. ಥ_ಥ RE4L1TY

      Idk I think it’s a scam bc there are so many similar comments

  55. King of Clash

    Lol hamara ch***ya mat kat

  56. Zhen YT

    Nice the clan is different

  57. Dante Rodriguez

    I love how fake this is

  58. danilo loma

    Why is not working to me

    1. JackBarbanell 38 - 64 years ago

      danilo loma because its 2 different accounts

  59. Jonas Miller


  60. Carlos Alejandro Guevara Castrellon

    Happy to get 500 *GEMS* from *GEMX.BUZZ*

  61. Janbi Canyo

    My opinion: “This has helped me out a lot.“
    I found it here: “
    Final conclusion: “Im stoked I tried it.“


  62. Vianne Shin

    U can get it without removing bush,,


    Amazing triks

  64. Maderagl Isrealwv

    0:15 *”this is the thing u need.” ***
    *”Am I right?”*

  65. Rashmi Jha

    it is a working trick guys i have also tried it

  66. Google Account

    At first time the clan name is RV CLAN but next time it is nevar give up

  67. Honeylene Bergantinos

    your clan group has Been change hahahaha

  68. sanjeev jha

    are you fooling me hmm you have shown us the other village the name and clan was separate

  69. Sanjeev Dhiman


  70. Slither io Gaming

    3:29 Nice grammar.
    Boxes appear more faster.
    It should be Boxes appear faster, or quicker

    Also this is pretty obviously fake, those were two different bases.

  71. Snapseeder

    I too got it man but only for one day

  72. play_on

    Yeah i believe u

  73. Snapseeder

    But if you guys wants everyday do th same process next day and next day

  74. Shabir Sahidi

    Omg ! Are you joking !? It really works ! Guys ! It works ! Go and try dislike buttom ! It actually works ! 😀

  75. Dark Entity

    Notice how he stays zoomed in to one spot of the village so we cants see that there’s 2 gem boxes

  76. Smart Red

    *base layout casually changes*
    *clan changes too*
    *usernane cutted out*
    seems legit.

  77. Rakhi Chauhan

    Bro is video ko 2 saal ho gaye ..maine socha ki shayad yeah trick ab work nahi karigi par try kiya ..but it still working😘😘..i got gem box in 2 days 🤑🤑

  78. Jacqueline Mansuelo

    0:14 *”this is the thing u need.” **GEMX.BUZZ** ”Am I right?”* 垃圾。Lord

  79. Debargha Mazumdar

    Just for doing suscribe

  80. techno Troy


  81. Otha Jesusa

    00:27 Why dont people use: *INJAPP* 📌 instead of wasting their time here

  82. amita amita

    You lier there are different town hall & clans

  83. Donna Quiped


  84. raguraman sneha

    0:15 *”this is the thing u need.” **GEMX.BUZZ** ”Am I right?”* 垃圾。Lord

  85. Kosausrk

    The 2nd time you only showed one gem box

  86. killerMob

    Hahahahha, 72 hours is almost likely 2 days or 3 days….. It is very funny but okay because it would take a long time

  87. Saif Raza

    Join my clan please ( STROLL )

  88. Izzan


  89. Prajwal Bhandari

    How does he get a gem mine every day

  90. Honeylene Bergantinos

    Thanks bro this is so so helpfull

  91. Katerina Dearing

    it does work i tried it it gem boxes appear faster

  92. Jame Nancy

    ” Trust me, this is legit!”
    ”You gotta give it a try.”

    1. Simon:)

      @JózsX OK thanks

    2. JózsX

      @Simon:) no its not dont click on that

    3. Simon:)

      Is that legit?

  93. Prathin B.L

    It really worked

    1. Prathin B.L


  94. Parth Rathod

    It is another acount


    poda sunni sappe

    1. sudharsan


  96. abu khan

    Thanks for telling me this secret trick

    1. K e t s u ツ


    2. Yuki I

      Drought Nought yeah

    3. K e t s u ツ


    4. Yuki I

      Drought Nought ? It’s not

    5. K e t s u ツ

      It’s fake

  97. Wilterlau

    It’s another village

  98. Shangreiphi Awungshi

    Boooo I waited for almost 1week

  99. KrakenMan ΔΔΔ

    I used this and i can confirm that it works i got a new gem box the next day hopefully i will get more

    Edit: it still works and im getting more now i can finally get the last builder

    1. KrakenMan ΔΔΔ

      @Pew Die Why? actually no this really worked for me, you should try it

    2. Pew Die Why?

      Youre obviously the YouTubers 2nd account

  100. That Cebuana Girl

    Probably he edited his base like layouts..yall dumb for forgetting layouts existed

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