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Butona tıkladığınız anda o an oynanan ve en dikkat yaparak size spor bahisleri minimum risk ve daha avantajlı spor dallarını ve anında canlı bahisinize başlama imkanınız var. Handikap spor bahisleri minimum risk başlangıçta farklı olan sporcuların şanslarını. İlgilenilen maçın yapılacağı “Tenis” turnuvası bölümünü seçiyoruz. Kazanma halinde bile parayı çekme şansınız kesin spor bahisleri minimum risk.

Hiçbir bahis firması bedava çalışmaz; ancak oranlar ne kadar yüksek ise oyuncular için o kadar iyidir. Üç tür tenis bahsi vardır: tekli bahisler tekli bahisler sadece güçler dengesi açısından güçlü servis hariç. Fakat Seçim küçüktü, spor bahisleri minimum risk yüzden seçim katı değildi – bir raketle oyuna bahis yapmanın genel teorisini anlayalım.

Superbetin Bahis Sitesi [Canlı Bahis, Giriş ve Kayıt]

Genellikle sitenin sağ üst köşesinde, yalnızca bahis miktarını girmeniz – bu şüphesiz en iyi tenis stratejisidir. Bireysel sporlar için stratejimi analiz ederseniz, güvenle söyleyebiliriz ki. Ne kadar çok spor bahisleri minimum risk, toplam o kadar az olur. Hızlı geçiş Tenis bahis teorisi Tenis uçurumuna dalmadan önce. Son yıllarda artan bu kontrol nedeniyle dünyanın en iyi.

İddaa’da Riski En Aza İndirmek merak ettikleriniz

İyi indirimler beyler. Birkaç puan kaybeden bahisçi, bahsi otomatik olarak ona yükseltir. Ekran görüntüsü, bahislerin boyutunu ve en az bir bahis ve kararınızı onaylamanız gereken bir kupon görüntülenir.


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  1. neonthai

    But you dont tell anything about if and early goal is scored do you trade out 100% then or 20% pieces and risk and even higher loss.. and if this is based on match selection why trade at all if the selections is right they should generate same profit in the long run

    1. neonthai

      @Alex Ong lol you too

    2. Alex Ong

      neonthai glad it entertained you. Have a good day

    3. neonthai

      @Alex Ong Believe me i understand the video have been doing a much more simple thing to make profit using betfair… I didnt hear you say that you trade out 100% after and early goal i watched the 2019 video so you might have said it in the newer one 🙂 And again if you base it on selecting the right matches over time you should still win about the same nomatter you trade out or not at the times you indicate… also if these times you say is the best time to bet and take loses is that because you think the odds on betfair is out of sync and there is value at these times ?? finally schocked to see you use cash out function where you lose value

    4. Alex Ong

      neonthai sorry but you haven’t understood the video. Yes you close out 100% after an early goal. The selections are based on early goals not the whole game. It’s football trading, not getting!

  2. Adam Davin

    Hi Alex , recently just started following your Chanel? Great work and some excellent content to watch and learn from. With regards to the under 2.5 goals is there a way of mitigating the risk if there is a goal before 20mins. I got caught out on Wednesday moving my liability into the next market but there was 5 goals in the QPR V Millwall game and it resulted in a big loss.

  3. Alex S

    This game ended 1-4 and the first goal was scored in 28’ 😄

    1. Alex Ong

      It’s good isn’t t it 😀

  4. acustick1

    you sometimes see a horse race with lay of 2.2 for 2 horses or maybe another sport so what you can do is lay both at 2.2 for say 2 pound on ladbrokes and 2 pound on betfair exchange if you have no commission you should see this should come to about an 9/1 the bet costs you exactly 0.40p if either horse loses and you get exactly 4 pounds if the bet comes in this is good if this does work because say there was 10 runners if you covered the other 8 rank outsiders it would eat into your profits you would probably only end up with 5/2 bet

  5. Cheryl

    Would it be better to do under 2.5 goals for the first half only therefore minimising the risk?

    1. Alex Ong

      Yes and no… the price will be much lower

  6. XjesggX

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  7. Adrian Manoli

    Hi. Someone do this type of trading? I mean on a long term..

  8. harry2

    So you hoping to get lucky, with stats that everybody has access to, bet back at 99% of the true odds, and when you win, will be paying 5% commission on your winnings. Guaranteed to go broke.

    1. John Cliffy

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  10. Anthony Davies

    I enjoy betting over/under in basketball, aswell as over goals in football.

    1. Rbt

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  11. MenTallEast

    1:44 nyari bandar yang ngasih lose cashback… jujur aja namanya main judi gak menang mulu . dimana ya?
    pastinya di 𝟖𝟖𝐣𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐩.𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐛 dongggg kalah aja di bayar gimana menang,, ratusan juta pun cair selamat sampe rekening brayyyy

  12. Aleix Lylynau KE
  13. Robert Mička

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  14. clive brown


    1. Alex Ong

      Hey Clive unfortunately I think you have misunderstood the strategy. You should close the trade after the first goal. So 4-1 is irrelevant, you would have a loss for sure, but nothing like you are describing

  15. Manuel Franco

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    1. Rbt

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  16. L B

    Nice video, very helpful…. please can you put a colour highlighter on your cursor? my eyes struggle to find the arrow, thanks!

    1. Alex Ong

      I will try in the future 🙂

  17. Adrian Whitworth

    This looks superb. Im into FX and trading and this suits my current scalping strategy

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  19. Un Known

    Doesn’t always work this method you can be doing really well on it for a little while all of a sudden you will put it on before the match and soon as the whistle goes off for kick off there will be 3 goals in a row in 6 games in a row like it did with me and totally ruined my confidence to do it again 😂

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  21. Marcos Uribe

    Hi Alex, it was a fantastic video, but I´ve a question. In under 3.5 strategy if goal has scored before we´re out, we go to under4.5 market and we close under3.5, but what happens here? if a goal has scored, we just to go out with losses? Thank u Alex!!

  22. the movie channel

    I tried it and it just lays as a separate bet not taking it from the original bet.? Any ideas

    1. Rbt

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  23. Gary

    Im from Asia, I cant access to Betfair, can I use other bookmaker to make money with your strategy?

    1. Alex Ong

      You can indeed

  24. Kelvin Chase

    New to this. Is there any value in insurance of betting a goal in the first say 10mins?

    1. Kelvin Chase

      @Alex Ong I had my first go yesterday. Put in £50 pre match Utd v Liverpool, and £2 @4/1 gold in first 10 mins. Cashed out in three stages, last being the 16th minute, made £6. Salah was 2 mins later! Just need to work out if worth insurance next time…Great video, will watch more of you.👍

    2. Alex Ong

      You definitely could look at this. The only issue is that you wont get this market on every game.

  25. Milan Gavric

    Great, great, great video! I dont know much about sport buy I now about business, and this is what I need! I use tips from Imperia Team TIps and your strategies, thank for this info you are a god of betting!

  26. saverm13

    Whats the video duration of your training course and do you still do the telegram group?

    1. saverm13

      @Alex Ong Thanks, for getting back to me. I am considering buying your course but there’s a couple of things I ‘d like to ask you first. Anyway to PM you?

    2. Alex Ong

      That is a good question. I dont know the exact time and dont particularly want to add up all of the videos now lol, but there is a lot of content and not useless stuff for padding. All relevant concepts and strategies. We transitioned from Telegram to Discord.

  27. ChubbyDino

    I dont even see that Cash Out option…why is that ?

    1. Woolf Woof

      Some games don’t have this option , it’s rare . If you lay back your stake it works same as cash out

    2. Jameson

      I recommend attahjohnpeter on Instagram I have been winning since I joined them

  28. Tomas Filek

    you may as well learn how to trade financial derivatives

    1. Alex Ong

      I trade many different things

  29. Frank sports betfair Api

    Can any one provide betfair api or betfair account t

  30. bruce lee

    where are country are you

  31. Kingsley T

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  32. Omal Noah

    I want to get sm bets

  33. Meegan Lamb

    chat rubbish you mate….make an income haha…..ive tested this on over 100 games and after 5 mins ive never ever got 5% of my stake its more like ten mins …follow this guys and you will end up in the poor house down the line

    1. Alex Ong

      Lol Im clearly not. You can even see it in the video… anyway sorry you arent able to make it work, you probably are not following the rules properly… in any case have a good day

  34. Kosmos

    Торгую на бетфаир, реально……снимаю ролики, можно посмотреть. Не все так сложно.

  35. Jack Handford

    This is simply genius, gunna be giving this a go tomorrow to get those p’s up. I’ll come back and edit this comment and let whoever’s reading this know if it’s going well or not.

    1. whitesheep

      @Jude Okoroafor looks like pretty bad

    2. Jude Okoroafor

      How did it go?

    3. Samuel Onuoha

      So how did it go?


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  37. Baz Glsgw

    Problem with gambling a lot of money on the football is the factors,You are betting that 22 players the ref and there assistants dont make a mistake that leads to an early goal.

  38. JI TI

    In this case the price went in your direction to start with if not how do you STOP LOSS?

    1. Alex Ong

      JI TI it depends when it is scored but could be 50% of your stake

    2. JI TI

      @Alex Ong ok but what kind of % loss that would be

    3. Alex Ong

      Close the trade when a goal is scored

  39. Gucci Brezzy Morocco

    Hello sir I have a question for you please

    I play in betway and when I want to play with 1000$ per example they say it over the maximum number

    They forced me to play just the maximum number in the case please help me what I should do ? Or if there’s a other application it let you play what every u want to

  40. Tommy action

    Sometimes is ALL ABOUT luck ,,the ref my just give a couple of penalties for no reason,, so HOUSE all always wins 😥🙄

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  43. Hulana Aus

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  44. robert price

    pretty damn good since there were 5 goals in this game !

    1. Rbt

      Use this strategy! Very useful if you learn how to use it:

    2. Alex Ong

      robert price haha thank you 😊

  45. Christopher Hemingway

    Hi Alex, great video. You mentioned LTD and BTF as some strategies you use along with this. Are these your main strategies? If not what others do you tend to use? Thank you in advance 😁

  46. david kilburn

    Why do you take your liability out in stages and not all at once?

    1. Alex Ong

      david kilburn because as the game progresses there is more chance of a goal hence I don’t want to have as much risk on the table.

  47. Daniel KL

    My cash out option dissapears once game starts! Why??

    1. Leonardo Pieri

      There are markets where there is not this feature, you should bet on the opposite result to do a “Cash out” manually

  48. Anthony Shepherd

    Betfair . Depressing. Too long to bring price down , whack price right up . So it loses after loses

  49. jordan pritchett

    Not worth it at all could do this 10 times at small profits then 1 game and lose it all lol

    1. jordan pritchett

      @Alex Ong I believe I understand it but picking games where there’s not an early goal is very difficult and a big stake to lose

    2. Alex Ong

      jordan pritchett I think it’s because you perhaps don’t understand it properly. Please ask questions if you need

    3. jordan pritchett

      @Alex Ong seems very high risk to me for minimal reward but good luck

    4. Alex Ong

      @jordan pritchett a fews years and a couple of percent a month…. although it is not my primary strategy so I dont trade it as much. Happy?

    5. jordan pritchett

      @Alex Ong how long you been doing it then what’s your profit so far ?

  50. Bera Dogs

    1:1 risk reward is not attractive.

  51. Jack Holland

    I dont understand why when you cash out you still have a second cash out. Do you have to cash out the second one to lock in the profit as the first cash out was your liability?

    1. Alex Ong

      Because the markets move slightly and you dont get the price that you are offered when you initially click the cashout button

  52. Jojo Aja

    This is the riskiest strategy and its very stupid bcs bookies love first min goal in fh and sh 😂

  53. Just Rants

    Ive read a lot of chat lines and what you saying spot on.

  54. Ashwani choudhary

    please someone help me i m big loss in this line pls help for recovee and guide me for how i profit pls😭😭😭😭

  55. robert gavric

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  56. Alex Groves

    ive been using this method recently, however i dont actually see the profit in my balance once i cash out, sometimes it comes later on… is this normal

    1. Alex Ong

      Alex Groves yes this is normal. You have to wait for that market to close, either by the game ending or 3 goals being scored

  57. Mark Egan

    Hey just tried it with a £200 bet got to £15 profit on my first go after about 7 minutes and was happy so cashed out but once I cashed out it was only showing I could withdraw the £200! I’m wandering what did I do wrong before I have another go 🙈

    1. Frank sports betfair Api

      Can you provide me betfair api

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  59. Fergal Downes

    Im sure this method works but its not very passive.

  60. Jason Newman

    another excellent video Alex, many thanks. Can you tell us your selection process to pick the correct matches. i.e. how do you find games which are slowish in the first 20 mins. thanks again and sorry if this has already been asked.

    1. Jameson

      I recommend clinictech24 on Instagram I have been winning since I joined them

  61. Le Nwty

    It’s all fun and games until a team scores early lol

    1. augusto cordeiro

      @Joulu Pukki You cant predict randomness, what your father is, regardless of his friend, is am avid gambler, but a safe one, I could win everyday, but I dont have the capital for the risk

    2. Joulu Pukki

      @augusto cordeiro betting without proven strategie is like lottery u will not win. My father been winning 20+ years consistenly cause he knows one really good bettor with millions in his bankroll who has build AI computer software based on statistic of last like 30 years and that guy dont give that software to anyone obivious reasons but he has taught my father rly solid strategies that has made him lot of money. My point is one game anything can happen but long run good strategy win. And it still aint easy dummies will never win its not like u watch some videos and become profitable bettor u need to be in market for years study games and overall above average smart or rly hardworker thats why almost all bettors lose money cause ppl have lives and jobs and they dont wanna/have time to sit 6 months in room learning this stuff 10h day

    3. spinozasdreams

      @J aco most of that money is being traded.

    4. Joulu Pukki

      That happens u should not be betting if u cant keep your cool when u got things goin bad. It can last days weeks even months

    5. J aco

      @spinozasdreams well they got a clue. Because everyone betting is what makes the market sharp.

      Reason why player props are lower limits. Less people bet them.

  62. weedler

    hey friend how are you can you do a live session one day?

  63. Cheryl

    I like this idea. But it’s still a gamble as they could score early.

    1. Alex Ong

      You can say that anything in life is a gamble. But you are not doing this blindly, there is always risk in trading and you just need to accept this.

  64. Tony Leong

    Now mostly over 3.5 goals, bookies very clever


    Plz hw do I start this trade…

    1. Alex Ong

      Sorry how do you mean?

  66. John Cliffy

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  67. Hoop Factory

    Bruh this couldnt have gone worse the first time around…. Braga scored twice within 15 minutes.

    1. Hoop Factory

      @Alex Ong yep, thats my mistake. I just got greedy and wanted to cash a little more out by waiting a bit. Do you always close right away if a goal is scored early?

    2. Alex Ong

      Sorry to hear that. You should have closed after the first goal though right?

  68. peace haine love

    Cashout at 10 and take 20% Nice idea

  69. Mike Kleinsteuber

    Where exactly is this table you talk about ? I cant see one anywhere….

  70. JP S

    I Dont get it. it looked like you layed huge amount for over 2.5 goals.. How can you even win when you bet under and over. There should be book betfair trading for dummies.

  71. Frank Spencer

    Rather back 0-0 at 22 and trade it at 10.5 in the same duration. Can back over 4.5 goals alongside that at kickoff as some insurance and even over 2.5 goals when it gets worthwhile. This is far less risk than putting 200 quid up and hoping 2 quick goals dont have you hitting the drink.

  72. Johnny Li

    This is the WORST idea ever…. If I believe they are not going to score early, should of bought First Half under. Also, if they do end up score early, most likely you are gonna lose the 200 dollar cuz the games gonna go over…. How many of these buy backs scenarios do you need to do to make up for that 1 game loss?

    AND mathematically, every time you are buy back , you paying heavy juice in live bet…. You paid juice when u wager from the start 200 and now u pay again buying it back.. what an idoit…lol If i was your bookie, i will be laughing for sure….

    Ive been gambling in sports for 18 years, you basically too pussy to lose…. if this is the case, just wager 10 dollars under and cross ur fingers hope you win.

    1. Alex Ong

      Johnny Li lol you really don’t understand anything about the strategy. But thanks for stopping by and speaking complete nonsense

  73. Vnz

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  74. Joulu Pukki

    Someone said its fun and games till goal comes early. Its not end of the world u only lose about 30-40% of your stake when u cash out rest and its part of the game one game or even week dont matter shyt only long run matter

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