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    I didnt got the link

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    False alarm

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    Who has came after top 20 amazing details im gta 4

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    What is link of gta 4

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    Its not Epemadice its pandemic 😂😂 boy try to learn maan

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    Hello please help me, im under water

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    GTA 5

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    Calla gay

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    Man, bruh these vids

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      On android it was a fanmade game

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      Ye he just playing it on his pc

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    Bro where is the link

  15. Faris aqil Faris aqil

    This is a fanmade game

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    Link bro

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    Why there is no Cars and humans

  18. Sambridh Moktan

    Very good video


    Bhai link delete ho gya link

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    Where is the Damn link man

    1. Phiriclassic Powers


  21. Jacob V. Bustos

    The GTA 4 is sucked

  22. Harman Vartia

    Oh salea teri description te link te hain ni salea

    1. Rit av

      Chutiya bna ra hai logo ko …..gta 4 android ke liye launch nhi hui h

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    Were the link

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    Give link plz

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    bro send me gta 4 link

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    Nice video

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    I have left one like for your hard work

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    I want link bro

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    Bro there is no people

  33. mcbado mcbado

    Pls sir I need the game

  34. Gregory Neai

    Hello mr can u please put back the link in your description

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    can we play onlinee

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    I love to have the game

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    if im finish download the gta 4 i download too the files?

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    Link I need

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    Can I get the link of this

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    I sun and liked an hit notification bell

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    I subscribe, like,and comment and I want to say thanks for the video

    Can I please get a shout-out on your next video. My YouTube channel is Gaza the Gamer.Thanks

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    But there arent missions

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    Ps 5 please

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    I like gta4

  45. Mr Kiện gaming NEW

    Lừa đảo !!!

  46. Edrian Josh Manabat

    Can you help me to download it 🙁

    1. Justin VelA

      @Edrian Josh Manabat ok ill help u ok search up freaky studios the creator of game look for the first gta 4 gameplay go to description it all say the link press on it download it and enjoy

    2. Edrian Josh Manabat

      I cant follow the instructions for some reason 🙁

  47. Manideep Deepu

    Bro can I have a gta 4 apk and obb file

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    If you make a content fix your downloading system not this fucking ads

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    Bro link kaha hai

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    Cool gta san Andreas mod

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    There is no people no cars

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    thanks bro

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    There is no people no cars.. nothing

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    I just liked and subscribed to your channel. But please,Id like to have a PS3 so I can play GTA V and IV

    1. DJ DISH

      Ps3 can play gta 5..

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    any thing i like

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    kaha ha tera link

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    Bhau dwonload nahi hot aahe

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    💅 GTA 4 💅
    💅 File 💅

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      Just go back and press the botton again and again

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      This YouTuber is very crazy the link doesnt even work 🤨🤨🤨🤨

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      Whats wrong with you guys after all its not even the real real GTA IV so stop worrying link link for what 🙄🙄🙄🤨🤨

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      Stop playing with your subscribers maan

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  69. Millano Redcliffe

    I really like how the game looks on your video but I only have one question… Are you able to complete missions inside the game?

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  71. Combat Plays

    You didnt credit the dude who made it. Copyright strike

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  73. Alpha GAMERS

    I want a huwei tablet with comparability for codm and fortnite 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Can we do the same method in pc

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    It showed me nudes. DO NOT GO ON THIS SITE. It has 18+ Content

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    Not good Graphics

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    Does this really work or is this just getting my hopes up

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    I like it

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    Please Sen me the file for android version 5.1

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    You phone Redmi?

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    Dude just put the media fire link not other it shows ads and nonsense

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      He said he put it but youtube mustve removed it

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    Fack game plz dont download

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    Wheres the link

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    Gta 4 mobile vai sair em 2021 e eu posso te provar isso!
    Veja no meu canal

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    See the game before downloading.

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