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  1. chynarainx

    To make this strategy 100% accurate I added the 200 sma, When the sma is clearly above price in a clear downtrend I only take put positions at overbought areas. When the sma is clearly under price in a clear uptrend, I only take call positions at oversold areas. For the breakout of the keltner channel I also wait for a full candle break and close not just breaking because Ive noticed it will wick the area then play around there and run out your time THEN go in the direction you needed. You can thank me by following my business page on Instagram and purchasing from my website IF you see anything you or someone you know will like. I sell custom jewelry. I hope you all stay blessed and positive and wish you much wealth in your near future!!!! Good Luck! Thank you Lady Trader, you changed my life!

  2. Diego Segatto

    I love this video, will love to learn it

  3. Shadrach Wilson

    Hello @Lady trader, Im new to trading wanna learn. Could you help me?

  4. afshin hootanian

    What was the startegy name? I cant understand it clearly! Or do you have a video explaining this specific strategy???

    1. Lady Trader

      keltner and stochastic

  5. The Sh00ters Circle

    Great video your my new Binary Mentor post some more videos going in detail about the strategy you used to make this video

  6. Larmar D

    Very helpful ☺️

  7. Denise Thomas

    So you dont have to pay attention to candlesticks, trends, or pattern?

    1. Lady Trader

      I do) but here I show only the strategy in trading ☺️

  8. Fernando Gomez

    “5 secons left an is fanaly profe—“ goes down

  9. Basu Sonkar

    I also want to make money , do you share signals .

  10. Ravi kumawat

    i love you

  11. B T

    I would love to get the chance to work with you.

    1. B T

      Xo *

  12. Laura Liseth Rodriguez Castiblanco

    Hello, how are you? I would like you to do live trading

    1. Lady Trader

      message me in telegram

  13. Daniel Opoku

    Well done

  14. raja raja

    super lovely

  15. John Doe

    I have no idea whats going on right now

  16. Michael Voluntad

    Amazing good stuff!!

  17. E Thomas

    How effective is this strategy for you all

  18. nothando thabethe

    Guys is pocket options a really reliable broker? Ive seen many negative reviews about it, is there anyone whos never experienced any problems with them?

    1. Lady Trader

      Good broker👍

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  20. Shavon Freeman

    You’re amazing!

  21. one mans voice

    does this apply to iq options?

  22. Gilberto Freitas

    Nice to meeting you Liliana, Im Gilberto from Brasil. Im testing Pocket Options too. Stay Safe! Greetings from Brasil.


    i like this video very much. very simple. no confusion at all!

  24. женя марков

    а где наши то наши? одни нерусские блин, а девочка то наша……)))

  25. trader cido

    lady ,monster O.B

  26. Wallid Bodin


    1. Wallid Bodin


  27. B

    So if you started with a thousands you would of had half a million?

  28. MashTv

    Hi lady trader why you skipped the video in every second when you Deal the amount.
    ⭐ I will believe this if you come online and do live video of this edition

    1. Lady Trader

      If I won’t skip the video will be on 1 hour😅

  29. William Rodriguez

    i would love to lern more from you

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    She literally withdrew 50 thousand and ran up 5 in literally the same sitting

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    I found a home 💯🤝 let’s make money 💰

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    Where to download this trading app and how????

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      I save the number but i cant chat…how to do?

  34. Misty and Project Hard ass Flows


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  37. Kassandra

    What is the channel indicator that you use? … sorry I couldn’t make out what you call it!

    1. Lady Trader

      Keltner channels

  38. PlutoFX

    Please what are the settings for the indicators

  39. Kody Reed

    The strategy does work but it seems she happens to just have the intuition for perfect timing I mean perfect

    1. QuL3x IV

      Impeccable timing

  40. Prabhath De Alwis

    subscribed & impressed

  41. Thomas Lee

    follow me

  42. Hari Char

    Can we trade in android phone 📱?

    1. Lady Trader


  43. William Huey

    I made an account and I have been doing the demo account, I have made 4,000 on the demo account while I wait for my first deposit to go into the account.

  44. Nelavalli Nagarjuna

    you are so beautiful and so genius
    Can you give your number and get the training from you. I lost much of money

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  46. Kadiatu Kamara

    thank you very much Maadam now I understand what forex mean

  47. Montae Harrison

    We Love You

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    how to setup at phone mt4?

    1. Lady Trader

      theres no an app on iphone

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    I love it very good teach me more

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    I’m here from TY’s Channel…
    “Traaaade Gaaaang!” You are Good, new subscriber😉

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    Отличная торговля. Я в восторге.
    Палец в лайк

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    you are genius

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    veryy nice

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    Youre awesome going to try it soon 🙂

    1. Lady Trader

      Hope you like it!

  57. Bitcoin mining

    Thank you so much on such a wonderful video educating the general public about forex and how to invest wisely on signal gain strategy

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    I need someone to work with me

    1. Anwar Ahmed

      @Tu Nguyen yeah bro, 😂



  60. Erika Morales

    Wow. Increíble. Lo veo y no lo creo. Pondré en practica estos indicadores. Excelente.


    can you show how to use the two strategies?

  62. Edward Escalante

    I love it very good teach me more

  63. Genius Trader

    Which background music of the video?
    Im from Brazil!

    1. Lady Trader

      Barradeen-first girl talking to me

    2. Genius Trader

      @Lady Trader I do not understand. what it means?

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    Do you manage accounts?

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  66. onlymiss Lee

    What are your indicators?

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    I have been watching some videos and I was thinking about investing, but still dont know where to start from, any recommendation?

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    Your are looking very beautiful

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    I think youre using another thing because there are many other simillar situations with this strategy that isnt win trade. Please tell us🌹

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    I like it New Susbcriber from Dominican Republic for you!!

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      @Lark Davis 🥰🤗

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    I cant make money like this.

  74. Courtnie Steele

    Wow! Really impressive 👏 Thank you!

  75. Saravanan Siva

    What is the value for keltner indicator anyone

    1. Lady Trader

      Default settings 😌

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    I’ve never heard of pocket option

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    Verry good
    I m so happy 👍

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    Friggin amazing

    1. Lady Trader

      I,N, V,E,S,T,=I,N, C,R,Y,P,T,O, =B,T,C, A,N,D, E,T,H, W,H,A,T,S,A,P,P,
      +, 1,4,4,3,2,1,6,9,6,3,6…

  80. Keber Jason

    Really its understandable that trading forex yourself is very risky, you might have the signals, you have to be guided by a broker for more advice and help

  81. uniQisum

    Whats your indicator settings

    1. Lady Trader

      Default 😉

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    Your accent is fine
    Cant stop hearing you.

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    I am u r fan👌😘😘😘

    1. Lady Trader

      I,N, V,E,S,T,=I,N, C,R,Y,P,T,O, =B,T,C, A,N,D, E,T,H, W,H,A,T,S,A,P,P,
      +, 1,4,4,3,2,1,6,9,6,3,6…..

  86. Lady Trader

    Heey! Watch it till the end! Therell be a giveaway in the end🔥


      Give me a keltner channel setting share please

    2. Carol A. Perez

      Here is an advice for every upcoming trader, first make sure you research for a strategy, secondly if you decide to get a mentor make sure he is a registered investment adviser/broker these days you have to be careful a good way to start your career is researching *Nicholas Alexander Kelly strategy* the strategy is currently working and the creator is registered as well so there you go.

    3. fun in paradise

      @Lady Trader I trust you but I dont know why you put scammers number here she destroyed me she took my lots of money because I was thinking its you because you put this number here now I want your help to get my money back please help Im a poor guy

    4. fun in paradise

      @Lady Trader whos this number when this number is scame then why you put this number here I lost lots of money because of this

    5. joseph peter

      @Emil Vargas you dont need to change anything live it as is

  87. Nike Smith

    dumb question: when i log in and try to invest all my options ONLY have OTC, how do i get non OTC options to invest in?

  88. Baby Donuts

    What Indicator is she useing ?

    1. Lady Trader

      Stochastic and keltner

  89. Edgardo Jusay

    Please help me. I am very new here, what are your indicators or your signals and how did you set them. Thank you.

  90. Oratile Timuno Moruti

    Insta @Unique_Find hey,I always lose with the last seconds when it changes quickly,what am I doing wrong?

  91. C D

    Hello Lady Trader, new subscriber here, could you please suggest an indicator similar to Keltner Channel in Olymp Trade?

    1. Lady Trader

      you can do it on trading view website

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    Great video. IG: neology1124

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    How do I add card to deposit or withdraw????????????

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      Message support

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    What filters and tools did you use

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    Omg u so good can u be my mentor plz I’m trying to understand the binary

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